Christine Beylouni

Director General @ FTTH Council MENA

Christine Beylouni is the Director General of FTTH Council Middle East and North Africa since 2011 and President of the FTTH Councils Global Alliance for 2015. She helped, since July 2011, increasing the strategic evolution, the member’s platform and the council’s portfolio in terms of technology, international relations and regulation in the MENA region and globally. In addition she contributed in the four committees’ development and deliverables especially training and related reporting.

Over the last years, she headed the strategic regional and international affairs within mobile operators and organizations and increased their international revenues by expanding their regional and global business through the development of international services such as international roaming, interconnection, etc. She also concluded several partnerships and agreements with technology and international solutions providers and associations worldwide with regards to international connectivity and general matters.

In addition, Christine handled the internal and external regulatory affairs and ensured the regulatory compliancy in terms of commercial & consumer affairs, numbering plan, spectrum & frequencies allocation.

With around 15 years of international experience in the ICT industry and continuous focus on the regional business and regulatory issues for mobile and fixed sectors, Christine continues acting as ITU and GSMA representative for different topics such as broadband, regulatory and international affairs with strong involvement in its regional and global activities.

In addition to her international management experience she has fulfilled her professional background with telecommunication and leadership courses as well as mini MBA from London Business School and other international global organizations.